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Maintain Your Lawn with Lawn Aeration Equipment

Dan Burke - Friday, September 25, 2015

Lawn aeration is typically done with solid spikes such as those on powered machinery, aerator sandals/shoes, a garden fork, or rolling aerators. These spikes go into the ground one to six inches, the top two being the most critical.
Equipment for Aerating Your Lawn
1)Aerator shoes/sandals
These are devices that you strap on your feet and then walk around your lawn. However, if you have an extremely sloped lawn, these are not recommended. They can be a bit awkward at first, but once you get used to them, you’ll get into the rhythm. This is a pretty easy way to aerate and does offer a very dense spike pattern.
2)Rolling Aerator
There are two types of rolling aerator: fixed spikes or spring-loaded spikes. Most people find the fixed spikes easier to work with. The spikes are not as dense as those on the sandals/shoes, but it does work quite well on slopes. However, very boggy or very hard soils should be avoided.
3)Sarel Rolling
This piece of equipment is medium sized and has a few hundred spikes. You can find this in a push/pull variety or as a cassette that fits into a piece of machinery. However, this only serves to open the lawn surface, and does not replace other forms of aeration.
4)Powered Machinery
If you have a large lawn, the above methods of aerating your lawn will be quite difficult. If your lawn warrants it, consider hiring someone or purchasing a piece of lawn aeration equipment such as:
1)Star-shaped slitter to pull behind your riding mower
2)Solid drum spiker
3)Spiking/slitting cassettes that fit into lawn mowers/turf machinery
4)Powered aerators
Experts highly recommend that you aerate your lawn regularly. This process will open up the soil to soak in necessary nutrients and make your grass greener and lusher than you ever thought possible.
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