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Advantages of a Wright Stander Lawn Mower

Dan Burke - Monday, October 27, 2014

Buying a machine to handle your mowing needs from this company is never a decision anyone ends up regretting. That being said, there are so many different options to choose from, it’s worth considering the many advantages each one brings to the table. A Wright stander lawn mower is a great example of how this company makes unique models that are full of beneficial features.

The first major advantage to a Wright stander mower is how much visual clearance you’ll get. It’s easy to see right in front of you when you’re operating this machine, which means you stand less chance of running over anything that could cause issues. It also prevents you from accidentally using the machine to damage landscaping.

Standing up on these models also makes it easy to maneuver them without issue. So if you have a landscaped yard with a lot of tight corners, the days of frustration you used to experience when trying to mow every last nook and cranny are now behind you.

Part of the reason these models are so maneuverable is because they’re smaller than your typical sit-down version. This is often something customers come to prefer. Many would rather have a smaller piece of equipment on their lawns than hulking machines they see as being unnecessary.

Despite how it may appear, many find that a Wright stander lawnmower is actually far more comfortable than the ones you sit down on. The company has also outfitted theirs with all the suspension you need to take on all kinds of lawns without feeling every bump or dip. Many people actually end up preferring to mow while standing than sitting down the entire time.

For more proof of how advantageous these models can be, the company offers free demos. Of course, if you’re ready to start benefiting from the advantages of a stander option firsthand, contact us and place your order online.

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